Armand commented on a Page, Color Spammer  -  Dec 05, 2009

10/10, does what is says.
Simple yet effective. Good job Rolo.

1) while (%x < 15) { } <- You need to set off the while loop. At its current state, it will never work, as %x does not yet exist. He also started it at 2 for a reason, as white text won't show up, and black text is normal. Also, yours will never reach 15, as it is < when it should be <= in this case.

2) var %x $iif(%x,$calc(%x + 1),1) <- $iif is pointless. It will always do $calc(%x + 1) since %x will always exist in the loop. How about just inc %x?

3) echo -a $+($chr(3),%x,$1-) <- This will only flood the user who uses it, not the channel or query.

Nice usage of regex, although it kills readability.

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