[Plornt] commented on a Page, Mario Popup  -  Dec 05, 2009

Heh i changed the colours for luigi

luigi {
  /msg $chan 0,0xxx3,3xxxxx0,0xxxx
  /msg $chan 0,0xx3,3xxxxxxxxx0,0x
  /msg $chan 0,0xx5,5xxx7,7xx5,5x7,7x0,0xxx
  /msg $chan 0,0x5,5x7,7x5,5x7,7xxx5,5x7,7xxx0,0x
  /msg $chan 0,0x5,5x7,7x5,5xx7,7xxx5,5x7,7xxx
  /msg $chan 0,0x5,5xx7,7xxxx5,5xxxx0,0x
  /msg $chan 0,0xxx7,7xxxxxxx0,0xx
  /msg $chan 0,0xx3,3xx12,12x3,3xx12,12x0,0xxxx
  /msg $chan 0,0x3,3xxx12,12x3,3xx12,12x3,3xxx0,0x
  /msg $chan 3,3xxxx12,12xxxx3,3xxxx
  /msg $chan 7,7xx3,3x12,12x7,7x12,12xx7,7x12,12x3,3x7,7xx
  /msg $chan 7,7xxx12,12xxxxxx7,7xxx
  /msg $chan 7,7xx12,12xxxxxxxx7,7xx
  /msg $chan 0,0xx12,12xxx0,0xx12,12xxx0,0xx
  /msg $chan 0,0x3,3xxx0,0xxxx3,3xxx0,0x
  /msg $chan 3,3xxxx0,0xxxx3,3xxxx
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