PePpEr commented on a Page, Auto Color Quit Msg  -  Nov 28, 2009

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!! this NEO is a fraud LOL! i know the fucker... useless realy all he does is steel snipets outa outher peapols scripts. we z-lined him from our server. we work friken HARD on makeing scripts and here you come and modify it and put your name on it. within 2min it's yours.... hmmm lemme prove my point... Neo make a snippet for us something like erm... a personal seen modual then... im gonna ask you to change a few things for us... and it will be simple things,realy simple things and if you cant we will all know you a fake. you gotta experiance the feeling of makeing something work ai nvm lol... just do as i said

ps. please Neo you and Trinity must stop advertiseing on our server!

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