PurplesurgeMirc commented on a Page, Service bot  -  Nov 25, 2009

Not to be mean or anything, but that is really really ugly code.

1) Loud timers
2) / in a remote script
3) you're missing the "on" for the load event
4) poor wildcard usage in the matchtext
5) # is faster than $chan to parse and does the same thing
6) a numeric access level is more straightforward than "owner"
7) seperate lines per command is faster than using | seperators
8) you could add in a login system for "owner" or whatever number you choose

1) .timer
2) remove the /'s
3) on :load:
4) "on owner:TEXT:!restart:#:" and "on owner:TEXT:
5) change the $chan's to #'s
6) try 500 instead, it's a nice number
7) spread out the load event to multiple lines
8) too complex a solution to put in a step, try query text events and auser

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