^Neptune commented on a Page, Color Changer  -  Nov 24, 2009

Actually there has been a surge of PHP recently that has piqued my interest.

You're not going to simply say "get off hawkee" because "90%" (don't we all love made up statistics) of the snippets are mIRC. I really don't care. In fact, I guess "90%" of hawkee is useless then.

But if you're going to start arrogantly commenting about snippets which really doesn't help the coder at all, then don't. Do you honestly think removing two characters from a code is going to make it all that more fantastic?

You're just a 12 year old kid who thinks he is a god at coding in mIRC when it's even simpler than HTML. Go and learn a true language and then maybe i'll even considering giving you some respect after all the negative comments you give everyone, maybe by then you'll have developed the thing known as common sense to actually be polite and constructive of other people's work.

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