3nigmat1c commented on a Page, Slap protection  -  Nov 07, 2009

Cracker200 seriously, this is my first script EVER, all I know is that putting the | it worked and previously it didn't. Gooshie, it works I promise. But I can't count the number of times my bot has been kicked for spamming/text flooding, so I got a new one from Magstant, I was gonna do all the scripting myself but he had it pre made so I used his but entered my parameters.

on *:action:*slaps*lamb-chop*:#: {
/describe $chan thinks about it
/set %slap $rand(1,6)
 if (%slap == 1) .msg $chan 4,1Nuh uhhh, You don't slap lamb-chop!, Avoids Slap
if (%slap == 2) .msg $chan 4,1I WILL RIP YOUR LUNGS OUT!!!!
if (%slap == 3) .msg $chan 4,1You slap as bad as Ponyboy, FLIPPING FAIRY
if (%slap == 4) .describe $chan 4,1makes a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but this time it is $nick Chainsaw Massacre
if (%slap == 5) .describe $chan 4,1mmmm, slap again that feels good
if (%slap == 6) /msg $chan 4,1Slapping me is asking for Chuck Norris.

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