FordLawnmower commented on a Page, Mr. Obvious Google Search Script  -  Nov 06, 2009

Thanks GrimReaper & Ghost-writer :)

Thanks WorldDMT :) Good to see you back.

I like the timer method that I use, although I would consider changing it if there were a convincing resource usage argument. I don't know that there is much difference in memory usage for a timer v/s a timed variable.
Mine does execute the noop command but a timed variable has to unset itself, so I think that is a wash.
I also don't think there is a difference between "if (!%var)" and "if ($timer(timername))".
I could be wrong though. I don't really know quite as much as I should about the inner workings of mIRC's Scripting engine.

After looking at this the last few minutes, I did realize that there was no reason for the { return } crap. So I changed it to if (!$timer(timername)) { }

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