Riffpilgrim commented on a Page, Send a dedication  -  Oct 16, 2009

if (!$2) || (!$3) || ($2 !ison $chan) { .notice $nick $logo(Error) Please specify a song/nick $chr(124) !dedication | halt }
you could remove the !$2 part of the /if statement seeing as if $2 isnt on $chan it wouldnt matter if there was a $2?
I can see what you mean however, in the unlikely event that someone in the channel shares the same name as the dedication i think it should stay in :p

if ($left($1,1) == !) .notice $nick $logo(Dedication) $c2(Dedication sent to $2 $+ !)
may be deliberate but i dont see anything for if $left($1,1) == @
This was deliberate to prevent ".notice $nick $logo(Dedication) $c2(Dedication sent to $2 $+ !)" occurring if the command is used publicly, theres no point displaying the message if they can see the result in the channel.

hadd -m $sockname end $regml(1)
seems redundant if ur just gonna free the table in a few lines comepared to just using $regml(1) instead of $hget($sockname,end)
This however, is very true thanks for pointing it out.

I wasn't expecting to come under as much scrutiny as this :o
& thanks gooshie about the hash tables, i wasn't aware that -m can be used once, when the table is created. Also, this snippet was originally made for my bot which has flood protection - the snippet performs the task outlined and simple flood protection can be added easily.

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