gooshie commented on a Page, Clones Scanner/Kicker Manual  -  Oct 15, 2009

This may be better menu item.
$iif($nick(#,$me,~&@%),Clone Kick):cskick

This would be shorter for all those colons.
echo # 11,11 $str(:,82)

Type 4 ==> $address($nick(#,%t),4) <== is a tad harse.
The type 4 mask will give unexpected results at times.
It is possible that all users from the same isp would
appear the same. A common isp practice is to report the
host mask such as:
The ip address would be between the @ and the first dot.
When mIRC wildcards the mask using type 4 it makes a
very simple decision about the part after the @. If at
least one dot devides up a series of all numbers it will
star () the last group of numbers after the last dot.
However if any letters are in the part after the @ then
it must have two dots before it puts a star in place of
the part after the @ and before the first dot. What this
means is that $mask(Nick!user@,4) would
!@53.217.34. which could be somewhat usefull.
But, with $mask(Nick!,4)
mIRC would return !@* thus matching every
user from that isp. For clone detection and basic popup
bans and bot bans it may be best to use type 2 mask.

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