TheProdigY commented on a Page, Remote Who Is adder  -  Sep 20, 2009

I don't see the purpose of this script unless you made it to be a personal WhoIs ?

I figured it would be more of a Trigger script too since you said this is a modified version of Vox91's Trigger Script.

But like I said, if this script is just to add information to who is the specified user then keep it like that. (Pointless to me)

Add a regular trigger to your script like Vox91 did. For example:

: .addwho JohnDoe 21/m from Honolulu, Hawaii <$address> : A new Trigger was added by user (Trigger: Who Is JohnDoe?, Text: 21/m from Honolulu, Hawaii <$address>) : Who is JohnDoe? : 21/m from Honolulu, Hawaii *the return address* AND the separate trigger script...... : !addtrig trigthis This trig will trigger this message! : A new Trigger was added by user (Trigger: !trigthis Text: This trig will trigger this message!) : !trigthis : This trig will trigger this message! That would be a better script combined so users have both options and the script won't be as pointless to some. I'm currently working on modifying it myself to use both methods in one script. Another thing..... people who have access levels 250 or greater can use that but people below that level cannot. So why not add the 2nd part to it for fun? Every server I've been to I've seen people enjoying making trigger commands or have wanted one in their channel. It's just for fun. You can also set the !addtrig to a specific level so you don't get a bunch of idiots overwriting a bunch of triggers. Which would be.... on 4:TEXT:*:#: { or on 5:TEXT:*:#: ( 4 = Hop 5 = Op Anybody on that level or higher can make fun trigger commands. That's it for now. I like the script but see if you can add to it. If I've misjudged something or read something wrong, making this whole comment useless, then I apologize in advance. Rated: 8/10
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