tra_orex commented on a Page, Memo Script  -  Sep 10, 2009
on *:TEXT:!send*:*: {
  ;________________________________________________________________________________edit of original by sharpknife (
  ;/writeini memos.ini $2 sender $nick
  .writeini memos.ini $2 receiver $2 
  .writeini memos.ini $2 sender $nick
  var %nick $nick
  .write $($+($2,.memo)) ( $+ $date(ddd) $date(mmmm) $date(dd) at $time(hh:nn TT) $+ ) %nick $+ : $3-
  set %nickvar %nick
  ;/writeini memos.ini $2 time $date(ddd) $date(mmmm) $date(dd) at $time(hh:nn TT)
  ;var %qwe $readini(memos.ini,$2,num)
  ;if (!%qwe) /writeini memos.ini $2 num 1
  ;if (%qwe) /writeini memos.ini $2 num $calc(%qwe + 1)
  .notice $nick Memo has been sent to $2 $+ .
  .notice $2 You have a new memo from $nick $+ ! Type !read to view it.

on *:JOIN:#:{
  if ($readini(memos.ini,$nick,receiver) = $nick) {
    .notice $nick You have $lines($($+($nick,.memo)) $+ ) memo(s). Type !read to view it!

on *:TEXT:!read:*: {
  var %ert $lines($($+($nick,.memo)))
  if ($eval(%ert,4)) {
    ;msg # if works
    var %wer 1
    ;var %ert $readini(memos.ini,$2,num)
    while (%wer <= %ert) { 
      ;msg # while works
      .timer 1 $eval($calc(%wer*2),3) .msg $nick $read($eval($+($nick,.memo),4),%wer)
      .inc %wer 1
    ;notice $nick Memo from $readini(memos.ini,$nick,sender) on $readini(memos.ini,$nick,time)
    ;notice $nick ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ;notice $nick $readini(memos.ini,$nick,msg)
    ;notice $nick ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ;notice $nick This Memo will be deleted in five seconds.
  .remini memos.ini $nick 
  .remove $($+($nick,.memo))
  else msg $nick You dont have any memos at the moment!

i made an edit of it at the bequest of a friend....thought i might share....pbb gonna change the time too since differing time zones but meh....for another day....its so long cus i didn't delete any lines as i was editing, it holds more than one memo and tells u how many

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