Regecide commented on a Page, Harry potter duel script  -  Sep 02, 2009

Dang the site broke or something when I tried to post another comment hah.

Great job keeping it updating, fixing bugs and all :D We play with this thing all the time and ignore what we are supposed to be on IRC for lol. Will ask bot owner to update code so we can try it out.

The damage for player 1 and player 2 is still off on !Densaugeo

Avis is still listed twice, they both have different damages from each other, but now it's not in there 3 times lol.

Accio Phoenix is not listed in the spells when you !duelcmds, but Accio Dragon is. I assumed that accio phoenix is not a spell, but rather an ability that has a %chance to happen, but not sure. Will see when we test it out.

And a DRAGON. Heck yeah. I'll spend all day on irc just to beat it

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