Quick commented on a Page, Family Feud  -  Aug 06, 2009

It just stop's no certain point or question. It'll have asked a question and of course ppl will have typed answers and it will say remaining answers are whatever's left and then it'll just stop. Only way to start it back again is type stop then start again. I've seen it do it at 10 question or at 25 ect ect and it doesnt do it everytime. Like i said i ran it in a test chan and it's never stopped. I've went back and looked to see if someone has mistyped and stopped it somehow not really seen anything. i wish i had something more to give you to go on but, most of the time i'll be away from the pc and some ppl will come in and play and then i can hear em pinging me about the bot and the game will have stopped. If it's not the game script it's self, what are some things i may need to look for in my other script's that may trigger a halt or pause or something that might mess this one up? Im pretty desperate, this script is in high demand in my chan as a matter of fact there is ppl playing a game as i type this lol.

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