Kirby commented on a Page, Down for everyone or just me?  -  Jul 24, 2009


Must correct (Grammar nazi mode on)
if ($sock(sitecheck)) { sockclose sitecheck }

if ($sock(sitecheck)) sockclose sitecheck
That actually slows the script down. ^_^

Using brackets speeds up processing. If an alias uses too few brackets then the statement might be ambiguous and the alias will take longer to parse, might be parsed incorrectly, or might not be parsed at all.
In retrospect, what I'm saying is true.


oh crap i know what i did forget to ask .. for the bot version .. how do i restrict it to ops only to use it and if a non op tried to use it.. it will message the user they need ops to use it
Just add:

if ($nick(#,$nick,o)) {
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