PATX commented on a Page, Twango's first dialog  -  Jul 14, 2009

For all of you who are defending Weasel half-way you have no clue what you are talking about... Weasel mistakes for a place to post ALL of his scripts. It is like he thinks it is his own personal script repo. Also I know that more then half of the people on this site have told Weasel to NOT POST SCRIPTS UNLESS THEY HAVE A LEGIT POINT. So those of you who have called us trolls thats completely off. And as Hawkee said, Weasel listen to everybody advice. For example my advice on this:

  1. No point. Only post when there is a legit point.
  2. Your brackets are off, to me that not a big deal, cos I hate brackets...

The advice of a big community like Hawkee is a very good and helps good hackers a lot. Weasel most of us our more experienced with coding then yourself, even tho it may not be in mIRC (for example Python or C are some peoples strengths).

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