Solitude commented on a Page, Twango's first dialog  -  Jul 11, 2009

Lay off it, people. The script may be useless, but he's learning, right? My first script was a lame PicWin Animation thing, his is a dialog. So what if it has no use to us?

So, instead of being a bunch of useless TROLLS you can try to kindly point him in the right direction. Not everyone can do the more complicated scripts on their first try.

Twango, you're doing fine. Keep it up, but try doing something a bit more complicated. Like, maybe you could try to make a dialog clock or something.

The script does what he wants it to do, and nothing more or less. So technically, the script works. Just because it does nothing for you does not mean it is useless. For example, some beginner to mIRC dialog's could use this as a basic example towards making layouts and using basic dialog options.


Oh, yeah. There is a bracket mismatch like sunslayer said. But, some people might not understand what you mean.

At the end of the code you have two closing brackets:


But only one opening bracket. The start is correct, but since you only need one, it should be:

alias twango /dialog -m twango twango
dialog Twango {
  size -1 -1 500 500
  title "Twango infromation Dialog"
  tab "Info about Twango", 1, 0 0 500 500
  tab "Server info about twango", 2, 0 3 500 500
  tab "Twango's Channels", 6, 0 6 1 1
  text "Twango is a mIRC scripter (see ##mirc on freenode or #script on coldfront)", 4, 0 50 700 300, tab 1 
  text "Twango likes to be on the server coldfront ( he generally likes to be on his channel #chattychatness just whois him", 3, 0 50 500 500, tab 2
  text "he posts to hawkee, twango other than scripting plays MMORPG FPS and makes websites", 5, 0 100 700 300, tab 1
  text "his main channel is #chattychatness #fcMount #mircscript and #chanserv", 7, 0 100 700 300, tab 6
  button "Close", 9, 200 400 50 50, ok
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