Solitude commented on a Page, Clan Roster Script  -  Jul 11, 2009

Why make this script so complicated? I see no point in wasting so much time on something so useless.

Also, instead of making commands for /set whatever you should make it ask for the %publicchan and whatnot on load.

on *:load {
 set %publicchan $$?="What is the public channel?"

And that's SIMPLE So....


Remove the ASCII logo. It can get in the way of the code. Instead of uploading something and being a little douche about it and saying:

"anyway if you dont like it remove it"

You can stop being a little stuck up child and remove it yourself. When somebody makes a comment on something you post for people to see, why don't you just make it user-friendly? Don't argue people when they try to help you on your code.

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