nublet commented on a Page, Pandoras Talking Bot  -  Jul 07, 2009

Not to repeat something already mentioned but I do have to ask what your plans for adding PM functionality to this or something similar to the focus function as to be able to right click the query window and have the bot continue the conversation for you. Also if I may suggest I like how when adding my own id it echo to window could possibly have it echo when make selection of Bot from Dialog to let you know so and so it set on channel. The place where it says Bot Off or Bot On when right clicking channel could also say the BotName ? Maybe a function to add your bot id to the dialog selection ?

I do apologize if I am out of line just small ideas. Mainly I have tried making it respond to me in PM and failed. So felt I should ask where you stood on that or if I should keep trying? :)

btw Thank You for this script it is wonderful

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