supergeo commented on a Page, Misc. Code  -  Aug 27, 2005

Ok, I made a mistake. Sorry I\'m not perfect.

supergeo the quality of the snippets that you have been posting on hawkee are getting steadly worse and worse. Your on text events won\'t work you forgot to specify a #?= or * for the window it should function in and your last 3 aliases are pointless.

Well, at least I make an ATTEMPT to make something for others to use and an ATTEMPT to help them and don\'t just come around and criticise other people\'s code when I\'m not making ANYTHING myself. Maybe I\'ll make a few mistakes. I\'m trying to get these things on here quickly so that more people can benefit from them!
If I had to rate your quality of snippets as of late, it
d be horrible, because you haven\'t even MADE any lately! I guess it\'s up to your \"quality standards\" though, so I might as well not have it. I don\'t understand the \"declining quality\". I haven\'t seen ANYTHING to make that hasn\'t been taken, so I make the little things. I\'m sorry if a lot of this is from the help file, but non-scriptors might rather just use this! I think the quality of some of my snippets has been good. Such as the Code Master, currently it does the most of any snippet on the site! Also, I don\'t know if you noticed by I updated Goggled_Bot, fixing many errors and adding a co-owner to it. Also my /register I think was pretty helpful. So of the last 3, excluding this one, I think my code has had a pretty good quality. Liquid and X, thanks for the comments. You weren\'t rude like some of the others. I don\'t understand how Reven can sit there, not make any snippets, and call other\'s snippets trash! And since all of my snippets are of \"bad quality\", I guess there\'s no need for them, so I will be deleting all of them very shortly. Hawkee, if you see this, please clear out all of my snippets. If not, I\'ll just edit them to say \"delete\" until you can get around to it.

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