Get_A_Fix commented on a Page, Hop/part all channels v1.0  -  Jun 27, 2009

ikthezeus wrote:

I take it this was built for mIRC ver 6.3 or below?
As I have tried it with 6.31 and I get the following output...
The script will now rejoin all your channels. Please give it time to process all your channels on all networks.
3 channel(s) will be affected. The script will be fully processed in 3 second(s).
23:35:28 Error: Invalid window!
23:35:29 Error: Invalid window!
23:35:30 Error: Invalid window!

Any ideas?

Yes, upgrade your mIRC :)
I tested this on mIRC 6.35 with /hopall -h Rejoining
I was on 6 networks, 34 channels.
It worked fine :)

Thankyou Lindrian

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