LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Misc. Code  -  Aug 27, 2005

In your moron scanner, \"if (%mfound => 1)\" should be changed to \"if (%mfound >= 1)\"
In the uppercase kicker, you should change \"if (%ukicker == on)\" to \"if (%ukick == on ) && ( $upper($1-) === $1- )\"
And in your aliases, you should add a way to turn them on AND off, like
\"alias ukicker $iif(%ukicker == on,set %ukicker off,set %ukicker on)\"
And maybe echo the status of whether it\'s now on or off, etc etc..
The last three aliases are unneccessary, the \"/topic #channel\" command without a third parameter will show you the current topic, and I believe the \"/mode #channel\" command without additional parameters will show you the limit and maybe key. All three can easily be obtained by right-clicking the background of a channel window and going to Info.

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