PATX commented on a Page, Shitlist 2.8  -  Jun 24, 2009

@Acclamator Calm the shit down. I do know what I am talking about. Having a mIRC bot has a ChanServ like bot is crap. Go get a life. It is a script. I didn't like it, big whoop. And not to mention I have not coded MSL in about 6 months. So shut your damn mouth and stop being a prick.

Also: I would like to point out my first comment:

i wont ever really need this for i have chanserv but good all the same.

Where I said I liked it. Then you had a brain shit or something and said:

using chanserv is lazy and inefficient, having the script directly ban and or kick is much better, as sometimes the server i am on loses services for updates. when that happens your chanserv scripts are useless. chanserv also doesn't like when people not on the access list use it.

I then gave a reason of why you were wrong in pretty much every sentence, politely. Then you freaked out. You really are making a "mountain out of an ant hole".

@Spanky it is PATX not Patx. All caps.

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