Aucun50 commented on a Page, Shitlist 2.8  -  Jun 24, 2009

Acclamator please calm down.

Somethings i would like to point out, "if you have power in a channel, and you put someone on akick or some shoot, someone else can remove them." if users with status unban/unakick people you have banned/akicked then they probably shouldn't be ban/akicked, or they shouldn't have status. "Also, chanserv has no shytlist function. Dumb ass. you would have to store the bans... oh wait! ON YOUR COMPUTER!" Well chanserv does have this option "-ChanServ- AKICK Maintain the AutoKick list".

Now before you flip out on me read what i said don't just think it's the same as everyone else because it's not.

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