Acclamator commented on a Page, Shitlist 2.8  -  Jun 24, 2009

Well patx, get the freenode dildo out of your ass for a second and think, if you have power in a channel, and you put someone on akick or some shit, someone else can remove them. Then, hey, guess what, they dont get kicked anymore! holy shyt! storing the bans in your own file is much better. I see people like you all the time thinking they know whats better or thinking they know how to do something better than me. Also, chanserv has no shytlist function. Dumb ass. you would have to store the bans... oh wait! ON YOUR COMPUTER! Well well, we seem to have traveled in a nice little circle of logic here. Please don't comment like you know what you are talking about, I have seen your msl scripts, you obviously don't.

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