PATX commented on a Page, Shitlist 2.8  -  Jun 19, 2009


  1. ChanServ is much more reliable then ANY mIRC bot. When you turn your computer off the mIRC bots goes off too. So lets compare ChanServ downtime: ~10 min.s every 5 months. mIRC bot downtime: ~8 hours every day.

  2. ChanServ does not have "scripts", so I can not lose what I do not have.

  3. Of course ChanServ does not like when people who are not on his list try to use him! What kind of security bot would he be if anybody could use him???

  4. All bans no matter how you set them are enforced with ChanServ even if he is not on your channel. Meaning really no way a banned vandal can get in a channel. Or at least that it how it is on Freenode.
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