WorldDMT commented on a Page, /youtube - YouTube Video Download Alias  -  Jun 05, 2009

no prob if u want u can try

Here are a valid YouTube link, but your regex detects an error

your regex can be check all that valide links?? no!!

but look Here are 3 invalid YouTube links but your regex does not detect any error


RFMT_IzT4 <==== 9 characters not 11 !!!


ww. <====== not www. !!

3- http://wwwxyoutubexcom/watch?v=Pc3yFlYlhCQ&feature=fvw

no dots!!!

so finally, my own opinion is


this regex will check if the link is<something(.com .fr) mabe>/watch?= over 11 characters not include "&"

u can try that regex with all that links and that checking better

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