mr_president commented on a Page, Computer Support Bot (Work in Progress)  -  Jun 01, 2009

Very true iCub, you should...

  1. have it query people
  2. I think personnaly that you should have the whole system in query window... that way, when they join a channel or just say !help or !computer-help or how ever you want it, they will get a pm and be able to answer all questions in that window.
    But i see how you have it in the channel for assitance but a new way to do it would be something like this....

on *:text:!assist:?: {
.set %assist-channel # $+ $r(100000000000,999999999999)
.timer 1 2 /msg minicruzer $Nick needs assitance in channel %assist-channel
.timer 1 2 /msg $nick Thank you, for assitance please join channel %assist-channel
.timer 1 3 unset %assist-channel

That is one idea that i belive would work for it...
I put the timers there to give it time to set the varible.

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