StanZ commented on a mIRC Addon, Space Harrier  -  Aug 20, 2005

Hey Doomraider, I like the design of this cabinet. lol not just that, the tridi visual and tune were catchy! I made this mini remake when ToKeN talked of this kind of engine in a forum. First I didn\'t want to add any sprites (ripped since Mame emulator. Slave work to do, so it\'s 10% from the runnner here), no shooter, just an XY animated checkerboard with perspective correction.

Thanks Zmodem, I never say it enough.
I\'ve though at other routines, now I think for the same frame rate, there can be a lot more sprites (or scanlines) but the original gameplay isn\'t my cup of tea. I always wanted to make a Battle zone (atari) remake, with the great atmosphere in green vectors. (Or a goldrunner remake =)

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