Prelude commented on a Page, Kirby's PasteBin Uploader/Downloader  -  May 22, 2009


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mIRC Snippet: Kirby's PasteBin Uploader/Downloader
Posted on May 22, 2009 12:16 pm
@Prelude: haha... why redo everything? why not just copy paste the dialog source into an editor? then you wont have to do nothing else than move the items around to fit your liking... or is copy paste to hard for you moron? ;)

Took me about 30 seconds to make it fit my screen more properly than the original :)

Actually tosser it took me less then 10 seconds to edit this in DE you fuúckin fag, it WASN'T a comment about ME and my ability to edit this, it was IN GENERAL, for those who would still like to USE this code but DO NOT have a editor, cause frankly NOT all of us use mirc to SCRIPT (or live on IRC like some;)) for those who DO NOT, it is unlikely they OWN a dialog EDITOR to EDIT so in turn they WOULD have to edit by trial and error;p, which tbh they should NOT have to, gd nerd why dont you scroll the fuúck UP and see i pasted the fuúcking EDIT in the same comment, for those who DO NOT have a editor for dialogs to COPY AND PASTE, or you can sit at your comp and run your face... you're just another reason stupid ppl should breathe (or breed) you pick ;). Fuúckin IRC kiddies...

Stick to IRC kid, it's about the only thing you may be good at, A+ ;), have a goodin'

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