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[size=28]@ WorldDMT[/size]

I see that you are trying to give me helpful suggestions, but I do not agree with some of your suggestions.

line 148 "if ($did == 3) && ($regex($did(3),/[^\w-]/ig)) { did -ra PasteBin 3 $regsubex($did(3),/([^\w-])/ig,$null) }"

u can use isin and $remove dont need to use a regex for a smal thing like that

if ($did == 3) && ($chr(32) isin $did(3)) { did -ra $dname 3 $remove($v2,$chr(32)) }
In this case, I had to use $regsubex there to remove all non 123-ABC characters, excluding the character '-'. Only '\w' regex strings and - are allowed for PasteBin names. So, I can't really just remove $chr(32)...

Same with:

also for $did == 5

if ($did == 5) && ($chr(32) isin $did(5)) || (.. isin $did(5)) did -ra PasteBin 5 $replace($remove($v2,$chr(32)),..,.)
All '\w' characters and, . and -, as exceptions are allowed for sub-domain names. Thus, two subsequent periods are not allowed, but -'s are, which leads to more complication. Furthermore, I had to use many $iif's and some $regsubex there to remove all possible invalid entries.
Simple $remove is not going to help.

As for checking the error of sockets...

u dont check the error of socket?? and "if ($regex(%pb,))" u can use isin i think
All that $regex and $regsubex used for the edit boxes try to make the PasteBin paste as "valid" as possible, hence, they are the error checkers.
In fact, about 30% ~ 40% of this snippet is for error checking. The actual script itself can be written in about 100 lines.

Not to mention my code:

    if ($regex(%pb,</h1><ul><li>(.*)</li>)) || ($regex(%pb,(.*)<P>)) {

checks for invalid links...

But yes, thanks for the other suggestions, I'll take a look into them.

[size=28]@ ^Neptune[/size]

Dialog is WAY too big, it won't even fit on my screen.
Well, my screen is only 800 x 600 and it fits fine.
I'll think about compressing the dialog size.

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