Prelude commented on a Page, Garbagebag   -  May 16, 2009

Oh lol i didnt expect a reply, tisk tisk AJ.

[6:37:PM:Fri] * Nemesis changes topic to '[17:40] <@Jonesy44> suck my dick <-- fag'

Getting your lil wee wee touched by men seems to be a recurring theme recently with you AJ. I may have to roll over and wake up your mum and have a lil chat ^_^.

LOL nah its all in good fun boys, if you take any offense to what ''I'' say, you're slow, I just know most of you so I razz a bit. But yeah picken ''CODES'' apart when ppl are ''new'' to any coding language or putting them down Is a bit lame, unless your a fucckin prodigy and was born with the know;edge, the 99% of us have to LEARN what we are doing. So that's why instead of ripping newer coders a new one or say, ''you're doing it wrong'' is crap, you went through the same thing, so help these ppl out, It'll feel good to pass some knowledge on and know they don't have to go through the shiit you did, amirite?. So as Cheiron said, the good scriptors should be the only ones RESALLY listened to. lol there are exceptions of course, ppl like weasel for example;p. Im here for moral support, those who DO know who I'am know I'll help if need be, but most you got this under control. So im here for moral support.

As for the code:
i agree with ''mkbln7'' AND Napa about the .txt use, the simple $read at random from a file is better then making thes separate lines of code, add some flood protection (which you should do here as well) simple doesn't have to be to complicated

on *:TEXT:*!Trigger:#: {  
if (%gvar) { halt } 
set -u5 %gvar on
.msg $chan $read($shortfn($mircdir) $+ gb.txt)

or throw in Napa's flood pro:

 if (!$($(%,bagflood,.,$nick),2) { set -u3 $+(%,bagflood,.,$nick) on 

Up to you. Then you dont have to worry about fools spaming ya, after that if you feel froggy you can add text event triggers so the ppl in your channel can ADD more responses. Or just you or who you trust not to be a douche. Lots of things you can expand on here really. But some simple stuff.

P.s: ...I won't really wake her up AJ.

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