Prelude commented on a Page, Garbagebag   -  May 14, 2009

Really Kirbeh_fails?, you're gunna mock someone for having a life?, other then learning a useless coding language?, lol you have balls. Ima be lite today, so as for the rest of you that think this code sucks LOL guess what?!?!, this is where you ALL started (myself included;p), just cause you're no longer a ''noob'' doesn't mean you should think you're bad ass. Think of how much time you waste?, honestly grow up, it's supposed to be FUN, most of you take it too serious. >D.

@Weasel: ''it's knock knock time Rico!'', moron you can't even post snippets correctly you fú©k, go play and stop trolling and tryin to make friends on the internet.

For those that try to help, well done.

P.s: AJ stfu;p

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