FordLawnmower commented on a Page, Google Dialog Search  -  May 06, 2009

Thanks PATX :)
@eyiezinc Can you elaborate on how you got that error, what your search was, etc. Also your version of mIRC. That error will only be produced with a call to $bvar for more than 960 characters in versions of mirc older than 6.32.
I've tested this script repeatedly with mIRC 6.21, with no problems other than the occasional inconsistency, caused by Youtube link blocks ;/
Any information you can give me eyiezinc, will be appreciated :)
It is my intention to make this script work equally as well with older versions of mirc.

I found the bug, reproduced it and added a fix. I got the same error from the default search with mIRC 6.30. Added this line.

if ($calc(%mark2 - %mark) > 960) && ($version < 6.32) { return 0 }

A line over 960 would never match a search result so I just nulled it with Zero :)

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