OliMaylen commented on a Page, The IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) Searcher  -  Apr 06, 2009

Kirby, it is not a case of not understanding the script or needing you to elaborate on any parts. I'm merely stating a point that obviously others have an issue with too. Was I flaming? No, what are comments for? For leaving constructive feedback, likes/dislikes, additions etc of the script? Yes.

I was looking for a good imdb script to use as I didn't much feel like coding one myself, laziness, lack of time, whatever the reason.

As I said, the script is great & works very well. I understand how it works but don't like the colours, the way it delivers to the channel etc. Rarely when I use someone else's script do I not edit it to suit the way I like things & I'm sure I am not the only one. I was simply stating for that reason alone I would not use it. Call it constructive criticism or flaming as you wish, but if you are supplying scripts in the hope that other people will use them, maybe you would like to know what others think for future reference in the hope that more people will use it.

In future I will simply not comment on any of your snippets in an effort to avoid offending your fragile ego further.

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