Tamaki commented on a Page, Colour Defender  -  Mar 26, 2009

omg <---seriously | in any case....i didn't say it was a bad script, and i didn't give it a bad rating.

if you still feeling like making a .ini version lemme know, if not, i'll make one myself and publish it when i publish Staff Bot 3. Sound fair?

if you still feel like being a troll, don't talk, just don't do it, responding to this comment will just make you look like a troll...truth. oh well

oh...and i don't know hash tables, i learned them once, and realized how un-useful they were; i know that seems trollish, but after using .ini files, .ini files seem sooo much more useful. I don't really care how fast they go. I have a fast computer. So it doesn't matter to me.

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