Pepsi_Man0077 commented on a Page, Chanserv Access Dialog  -  Mar 15, 2009

Let me get this straight? You want to have users that are non registered added to list so that they can get +o or +h when they join the channels? Cause if so, that would defeat the purpose of this script. All this script does is add the user to the Services access list on the channel. It doesnt store any information, all it does is relay information to Chanserv (a service) so that its easier for people to add access. If you do /cs access #chan list it will give you the channels access list.

The problem with adding non-regg'd nicks is that chanserv doesnt let you add them. Because if its not registered, anyone can use the nick. So that addon could be added, but if you want that, i might as well just make a new snippet, because this one uses chanserv, and holds no access information

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