bigrat2 commented on a Page, Auto Connect/Join/Identify v2.1  -  Mar 11, 2009

K done. :)

For deleting channels, which do you guys think is better?

Lets say you have 10 channels. You wish to delete the 5th channel.

  • Delete the 5th one, then get the 10th channel and place it as the 5th
    [list] Faster, but you lose the order of your channels. I know some people like to have their channels in a particular order.
    This is what I implemented.
    [*]Delete the 5th one, move all lower channels up one spot.
  • Slower, but you keep the order of the channels.
    [list]* I have this also coded, just not in the snippet above.[/list][/list][/list]

Let me know if someone would like the other option, i'll paste it here, letting you know what part to swap out.

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