Jethro commented on a Page, Slaps Manager  -  Feb 28, 2009

Instead of using "write slaps.txt" in every line, you can also do this:

on *:load:{
  var %s = (insert item here)!,¯\(°_o)/¯,500 Squirrel Tokens,a bad idea,a barbie,a Boomer!,a bottled fart,a bucket,a Chrome Mox,a clan tag,a cloud,a cookie,a copy of Gigli,a DDR Machine,a Dell (You got a Dell, Dude!),a Diet Coke,a dog's tail,a dot,a dress,a dueling glove,a fake banana,a firetruck,a flesheating monkey,a fortune cookie,a frog,a good idea,a grandma,a june bug,a kangaroo,a large cat,a large dog,a large pig,a large salmon,a large trout,a larger trout,a lawsuit,a LOLcopter,a Mox,a mushroom,a partridge in a pear tree,a piece of moldy cheese,a pillow,a piñata,a pirate,a R0FLBlaster,a restraining order,a rubber ducky,a shadow clone jutsu,a shadow clown jutsu,a sharigan!,a shrimp covered in marinara sauce,a shrubbery!,a slap,a slapper,a small hamster,a small trout,a smelly salmon,a swordfish,a synk full of tar,a thesaurus,a Volkswagon Beetle,a wet noodle,a white glove,a white-hot skillet,an anti-slap device,an Artisan Picora,an ebil sponge!,an electric eel,an even larger trout,an old diaper full of extricated chile burritos!,an Olsen Twin,an Xtra member,Andrew's Handbag,Bart Simpson’s shorts,Bill Clinton,Bill Cosby,Canada,Chaotic,cheese!,chicken,Corpse’s corpse,D`oh!,Dark Magician's Pimpin' Cane - A.K.A. Magical Staff,Darkie’s sword!,Darthvader’s microphone!,El Barto!,EmmaWatson’s dress,ensui’s Kirby <(o_o)>,Eric’s rulebook!,everything but the kitchen sink,everything... including the kitchen sink,FallenAngel's whip! Oh Yeah!,five golden rings,fruit,Gaara,Jace’s bloody knife!,Jace’s sets and images,jello,Kuriboh,lightning,Lovely's cats!,LunarNova
  Majin's Mom,mass stupidity,write slaps.txt  Master’s scripts!,Mattiks’ music!,Mew,Mewto,Michael Jackson's White Glove,Micheal Jackson,Mr. Rogers,Mr. Rogers mother,MykeXero,MykeXero's kid!,Naruto,nothing,Pharaoh_Atem’s OCG Collection!,Pikachu,quite a large cat,Sakura,Sasuke,Setever’s wit!,Skull Servant,some sense,somebody else's script,spam,Sun’s chicken!SwingBlade’s blade,the Hand of Exodia,the holy hand grenade of antioch,the kitchen sink,the largest trout,the lasso of truth,the millenium eye,the millenium key,the millenium neckalace,the millenium puzzle,the millenium rod,the millenium scales,the next upcoming TCG,the portal,this thing!,Tonee, the Town Idiot,Twelve drummer’s drumming,what you think is chocolate but really isn't,XeroCreative’s mascot (whatever that is)!,your own hand,your worst nightmare,Zera's dvd collection
  tokenize 44 %s | write slaps.txt $*
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