Vortex commented on a Page, Clone scanner and kicker  -  Jul 19, 2005

It\'s awesome but..Could be changed. Everytime I scan or check for clones it shows all the Protected and anyone with Owner in the channel as a clone. Or anyone with the same ISP(Host/Mask) as a clone. For instance:
AOL, Comcast, DSL, Dail.Tampa, Dial.Miami, Dial.Boston, Dial.Net, it showed anyone with those connections as clones, even though the numbers were different. That\'s something that should be fixed in it. I tried but I messed it up, My bad. But try and make it to where it won\'t get the ISPs(Host/Masks) mixed up if they have the same connection. And..It showed anyone without a Voice or HalfOp a clone. :@..!

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