QuickStep commented on a Page, Prime numbers  -  Jul 06, 2005

Looking better now, still few things to mention:

  • with my previous post saying if divide by \'2\' doesnt match then all even numbers dont match, thats something you can keep in consideration. Check if it is dividable by 2 and if it isnt, only check UNeven numbers afterwards \'inc %prime 2\'. This will make the loop 2x faster.
  • You dont need the if (!%pr) bit because the script should be already halted if a match was found, so you dont need to set the %pr=1 too
  • By comparing it like this \'if $calc(xxx) == $int($calc(xxx)) you are actually doing 2 calculations, which slows the script. This script obviously depends on speed, so set a variable, BUT dont use VAR in the loop itself, do it like this:
    var %prime, %calc
    %calc = $calc($1 / %prime)
    if (%calc = $int(%calc))

  • Now you can avoid this, but too be extremely picky, in a single if-statement you dont have to use the { } brackets, and it speeds up processing leaving them away, so it would be:
    else inc %prime
    instead of
    else { inc %prime }
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