Typo commented on a Page, Typos Slot Machine  -  Dec 19, 2008

Someone voted this like a 2 or 3. It was at like 7.6 with 3 votes and is now at 6.0 with 4 votes.

This wouldn't bother me except that this obviously dissatisfied person takes the time to rate my script crappily but can't find it in them to share with the rest of us what it is they find so wrong with with the code.

Even if the score was only 7.0 and is now 6.0 that means that the anon user only voted 3 by my rather hasty calculations and that just seems rude in my opinion.

I know its not a nice script and is just a silly ans useless game and I will even admit the coding could probably be cleaned up a little more but this seems like a personal dig to me and thats not at all what this site is intended for.

Crap like this makes a lot of people just stop posting and honestly even tho I refuse to let it stop me I completely understand why they let it stop them.

Personally, I vote for a rating system where it shows everyone who rated what how much.

Then maybe we can notice patterns of losers voting out of malice and could then weed them out.

Just my two cents.

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