Mpdreamz commented on a Page, Read this before copyes a mIRC script!  -  Dec 07, 2008

RusselB your the one who's not getting me.

The code is "meant" to hack someone else's account, so a hacker (shouldn't) have the original password, and, therefore, would not be able to have an ON CONNECT event which auto-identifies for the nick.

The "hacker" wouldn't be able to but the "victim" could have such a script already loaded. Which isn't an odd scenario theres thousands of people that auto identify using an on CONNECT.

Whoever loads this script will have his/her own password tried to be changed every time the person who loads this script connects. This will fail because he needs to be identified before ns set password works. IF however the person who loads this script already has an on connect identifying him/her then the posted on connect IS succesful at changing that persons own password.

I never said ANYTHING about changing other peoples passwords.

It's a crappy hack(if one should even call it such), a stupid script which does nothing useful and should thus be deleted.

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