newklear commented on a Page, Read this before copyes a mIRC script!  -  Dec 05, 2008

This is just silly, why add something if you don't want people to add it ? Other people with other ulterior motives will now copy and paste this script to use on innocent people, shame on you Diamond. When you tell people not to eat cookie's from the cookie jar, what do they end up doing ? Btw that is not really a hack, it just changes a few things which can be so easily undone by changing your details in your chat client and once connected by using

/ns recover nick


/ns release nick

Changing email is not that important unless you use an O-line and setting language to 1 sets english, I think I would battle far more with greek than english lol. With 5 lines I could do a much better hack, but I am not pasting it so nananana "suffer"

This is just plain silly, please delete

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