newklear commented on a Page, Gangster RPG  -  Nov 29, 2008

Great script `JoKeR´
I really like the way you use hash tables and just reading through is so cool, and makes understanding hash tables so much easier. Thank you for sharing :-)

See I'm editing my last post ;)
Not to sure with hash tables or how others will do it, just going through quickly I would do summin like

 if ($nick isop $chan) || ($nick === YourExactNickname) {
    if ($1 == !bust) {
      if (!$2) { .notice $nick Syntax: !bust nick | halt }
      hadd $2 jail 0

But not sure how what other ways there are to do this unless you set a variable to 1 and use hadd -z $2 jail %variablename - but that will totally unset it shrugs - Trial and error I guess hey ;)

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