KuTsuM commented on a Page, Basic mIRC Based Web Server  -  Nov 20, 2008

haha dude, you must be one angry person. FYI this code again is 2 and a half years old and it was never meant to be an advanced web server. If that was the case I would have made an addon rather than snippet, don't you think? Also, the sockread event is only for the initial connection. After that point it is not needed because mIRC then sends the content of the html page to the client and then the connectin is no longer needed (same would happen if the Connection: close parameters are sent in the initial request). Now I know this has it's bugs and at one point did work, and I haven't updated it at all since I originally posted it because it's meant as basically an example for sockets. I know how to do sockets, just check my tutorial in the tutorials section of the forum, buddy :)

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