Swoop commented on a Page, Caps Kicker For A Bot  -  Nov 16, 2008

OK, I got it sorted out.

APPARENTLY I, as the /owner, can NOT set the parameters myself! I have to login with another client to manage it.

Does this mean anyone can do "!caps off" if they want?

I logged in remotely with another computer as just a regular user, not added to the /owner list, and was able to do "!caps set 30" and "!caps off" and it worked.

I thought only OPS could update it, or the owner? When I (after doing /owner Swoop) type "!crooms" I get nothing.

Lastly, is it possible to check word count for CapsKicker to only do its work on sentances with more than two words? I don't want "LOL" for example to ban someone even though that's 100% caps.


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