NIGathan commented on a Page, Hover Info  -  Nov 15, 2008

Well I added a long series of /write's to the script and this was the final result of it after the pic window had appeared.

1 -3:40:32- Found user Neptune
2 -3:40:33- Checking if mouse has moved...
3 -3:40:33- Calling the actual who on Neptune
4 -3:40:33- Successfully looked up who for Neptune: #mIRC_Or_GTFO cass72 Neptune H@ 0 Sam Cass
5 -3:40:33- Generating the pic window from the previous who info
6 -3:40:33- Set needed vars
7 -3:40:33- Successfully determined idle time
8 -3:40:33- Finished determining clones
9 -3:40:33- Formed the pic window
10 -3:40:33- Drew minimal lines to pic window
11 -3:40:33- Drew all flags
12 -3:40:33- Drew clones
13 -3:40:33- Finished.

As you can see, everything is happening within one second.

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