NIGathan commented on a Page, Hover Info  -  Nov 15, 2008

Cheiron, yes, the /who was the main point of the entire script. If you whois someone with +W (on unreal) they will get a server notice alerting them of it. A /who does NOT. All servers show at least H or G meaning not away or away, respectively. Also they will ALWAYS show * if they have an oline. If they are marked as a bot, it should also be displayed with B, the only mode that is usually hidden by some servers, is the r meaning registered. There is also a ! flag, Im not sure if this one is hidden or not, I have only ever come across it with a single person on one server and yet to figure out what it means. If anyone knows please let me know.

Thanks mountaindew, I knew there was a command for that, I just couldnt think of it at the time.

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