Jonesy44 commented on a Page, iTunes Manager - v2.02  -  Nov 14, 2008

Ok, They aren't bugs, just a way the script works. I will try to explain.

1 Readme.txt should be there, let me check im not sure what's happened to it, i'll upload another copy to mediafire ASAP.

2 It needs to locate image files, each file is named under the FOLDER, hence why it asks for the folder rather than assigning individual links to each image. Just locate the image_pack you've extracted from the folder. When it says more speicificly in the brackets, that's the file it has failed to find and has halted the script. check in windows explorer it's there and has not been renamed.

3 When you rightclick the nicklist, it has a dropdown menu to access the itunes script, if it cant find the dll, the script will try and add the links, just add them in and you'll have no worries,or unload the script :L

Hope it helped, if you need more info just reply x]

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