Akishoot commented on a Page, Another Blacklist  -  Oct 28, 2008

@ a careful warchild: Unfortunately it's not my responsibility to make up scripts to fit in with other scripts. I can make it to use to my own advantage, which in fact, is /black for me.

@ Bullet_Dodger: With the coding available above, any user with the general knowledge of mIRC scripting should be able to piece together an alias for it; good luck.

@ Stapler: I'm not quite sure what the problem is there for you. I've tested it thoroughly and have not had any problems. I believe some of the other users have not had m/any problems with it. Be sure you pasted it in an empty mIRC file. If the problem persists, oh well, I guess you're out of luck.

I will not be updating this script any further. Any updates made will be mandatory updates that I find actually improve the usage of the script, and is not just another feature to get in the way.

I'm sorry if I seem a little blunt with my answers, but I've pretty much stopped mIRC scripting. I will make for-fun scripts every once-in-awhile or other "useful" scripts if I find something that I haven't already coded. I've covered just about all there is to make that can still be considered "useful."

Anyways, good luck with your personal updates to the code, and have fun!

  • Akishoot
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